October Director Update

General Membership Meeting Review

We kicked off the 2020 season with our fall General Membership meeting on October 13th. We discussed everything from budget, communications, growth, important dates, and more. If you would like to review the minutes from that meeting, you can now view them on the Director’s page of the website.

Policy Reminder

NSC policy on combined schools will continue as it has in the past. If your scholastic unit has members from other schools, you can still compete in the scholastic class in the North Star Circuit.

Important Dates

Invoices for dues will be sent out by Jessie Taylor the first week of November. Invoices need to be paid by December 20th. A late fee of $50 will be added if not paid by that date.

All forms can be found on the Director’s page and are due December 20th.

If you are a show host, documents for your show are due to the Contest Director by November 15th.

Show sign-up opens today, November 1st. Please go to competitionsuite.com and log-in to select your shows. If you do not have a competition suite account, you’ll be asked to create one. Once created, please contact Andy Combites to be added to the NSC group.

Last day to sign up for shows will also be December 20th.