Solo & Ensemble Contest coming on March 23!

The annual solo/ensemble contest will be held on March 23rd at 4:00pm at Eden Prairie High School.  Pre-registration is required and will be offered through a link on the website and facebook group starting Sunday, March 2nd. Registration will close at Midnight on March 21st.

  • All performers MUST check in between 3-3:45 on the day of the even and provide payment in order to perform.
  • The registration fee is $5 per performer for each entry.
  • Performances should be limited to 90 seconds in order to allow enough time for everyone wishing to participate.
  • Music may be on an ipod or phone.  NO CDs will be accepted.  Music may not have profanity or offensive lyrics.
  • Performances represent both your unit and the North Star Circuit and should be respectful of all audiences and be professional in nature.

The following classes are offered for the event:

    • Scholastic (High School age or below):
      •  Solo  Duet  Ensemble
    • Independent color guard (If any member of the group is above High School Age):
      •  Solo   Duet   Ensemble

**Participation is required for any member wishing to apply for either an academic or marching scholarship through the North Star Circuit.