About NSC

The North Star Circuit of Color Guards (NSC) offers a competitive and educational outlet during the winter months for color guard units. Our performance season begins in late January and culminates at the Circuit Championships typically held in late March or early April.

The NSC offers a variety of classifications to provide a positive experience for every group, regardless of skill level or resources. Our contests follow the rules and criteria of Winter Guard International (WGI) and are judged by both local and national judges trained to use the official WGI adjudication criteria. This commentary is aimed at providing both instructors and students the most comprehensive feedback available to further enhance and develop the skills of the individual color guard program.

Founded in 1962, the North Star Circuit is one of the most established and longest running circuits within Winter Guard International. Our long standing tradition of excellence makes membership within the NSC very beneficial in advancing your marching program.

The North Star Circuit exists to offer:

  • A standardized judging system and criteria to provide educational feedback for instructors and performers.
  • Educational opportunities through clinics for instructors and performers.
  • A scholarship program to promote academic and performance education.
  • Performance venues that provide opportunity for performers and audiences to share the excitement of the performing arts.
  • The North Star Circuit is a non-profit organization that guides the competitive development of the Winter Guard activity throughout Minnesota and the neighboring states. NSC is governed by a board of volunteers who strive to enhance the experience and opportunity for the winter guard programs we serve.

Like WGI and fellow local circuits, the North Star Circuit has chosen competition as its method for organizing youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. The season of shows/competitions begin in January and continue typically until late March or early April.

A season of competitions generally showcases 8-10 events.

Winter guard is definitely the next step for any successful marching band program. Why not allow the training and education experience of the color guard activity to span through the winter months and prepare your students for the marching band season? Extending your color guard program to the winter season will give your students the competitive edge as they continue to enhance their skills.

If you’d like to inquire how you can bring your program to the next level and create a winter guard program, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how to make this possible for you.