Unit Classification Promotion Guidelines

The policy that was voted into action at the 2016 General Membership meeting still remains. The scoring scale below aligns expectations and provides transparency of the classification review process. These scores serve as benchmarks for automatic review.

75.0 Week 1
76.0 Week 2
77.0 Week 3
78.0 Week 4
79.0 Week 5
80.0 Week 6
81.0 Week 7
82.0 Week 8
83.0 Week 9
84.0 Week 10

Week 1 is considered the first week of contests and the review number will increase weekly regardless if a show occurs on that week. Promotion process would include all Regional A, A Class & Open Class Guards, regardless of whether or not Championships or in another circuit. The review process would be comprehensive and all data regarding the unit should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once promoted a unit must stay in the classification for the year of promotion. For additional questions or clarification, please contact our Chief Judge, Andy Combites.