The Jim Zika (Rosettes) Performing Scholarship Award

Started in 2007, this scholarship ($500) is awarded to an individual who is continuing their marching career with the intention of contributing back to the North Star Circuit. The scholarship was started by Jim Zika’s family to honor his memory and commitment to the Rosettes and the winter guard activity. Members of his extended family have been involved since 1961 in guard and drum corps activities and continue to do so.

Past recipients of the scholarship have made a significant mark on the activity through teaching and support the North Star Circuit:

*Jen Jenderseck (2007)

*Kim Ragowski (2008)

*Ronley Aviles (2009)

*Kimi Schillinger (2010)

*Evan Pufpaff (2011)

*Alex Holland (2012)

*Anna Greene (2013)

*Matt Tourchotte (2014) – (John Joseph)

*Lindsay Davis (2015) – (Matt Tourchotte)

*Anna Jennings & Brandon Crosno (2016)

The Jim Zika family greatly appreciates the contributions these individuals have brought to the winter guard activity in Minnesota and the continued success of the North Star Circuit.

Thank you,
Jim Zika family