Sign Up Today for Solo & Ensemble!

  • The annual Solo & Ensemble contest will be held on March 21st at 4:00pm at Eden Prairie High School. Pre-registration is required. Registration will close at Midnight, Friday March 20th.

    All performers MUST check in between 3-3:45 on the day of the even and provide payment in order to perform. The registration fee is $5 per performer for each entry.

    Performances should be limited to 90 seconds in order to allow enough time for everyone wishing to participate. Music may be on an ipod or phone. NO CDs will be accepted. Music may not have profanity or offensive lyrics. Performances represent both your unit and the North Star Circuit and should be respectful of all audiences and be professional in nature.

    The following classes are offered for the event:

    Scholastic (High School age or below):
    Solo Duet Ensemble

    Independent color guard (If any member of the group is above High School Age):
    Solo Duet Ensemble