Flagline Guidelines

The North Star Circuit announces a brand new classification of winter guard competition for the 2018 season. The class titled “Flagline” provides an exciting opportunity to introduce marching band programs to the fun & developmental benefits of the winter season. As the winter guard activity has evolved, so have the demands placed on programs, often times making the point-of-entry financially & logistically prohibitive. The new Flagline class aims to reduce the barriers and burdens that currently prevent marching band programs from fielding winter guards.

Isolation Of Skills For Both Students & Instructors

The adjudication criteria of the current Regional A, A, Open and World Class sheets reward complex productions and multi-layered responsibilities of equipment, movement, general effect and design analysis. Instructors not experienced writing winter guard shows can find themselves intimidated with balancing the demands of the four captions, writing drill & choreography while developing & maintaining a training program for the students. The flagline adjudication criteria strips away the complexity and focuses specifically on the skills of one piece of equipment – FLAG.

  • Minimum show times are 3 min, with 2:30 minimum equipment time. 30 seconds less than the minimum requirement of the Regional A Class.
  • Floor tarps & stage props are prohibited, keeping productions on an even playing field, reducing expenses and removing logistical challenges for transporting to shows. This also reduces the size of rehearsal space needed, making it possible to easily rehearse in cafeterias, band rooms, atriums, etc.
  • A maximum of 2 equipment changes eliminate unnecessary show design complexity & expenses.
  • No rifles, sabre, other weapons, or handheld props allowed.
  • Cones/sideline markers are allowed.

To download the full list of rules and judges sheets for Flagline Class, click here.
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